An Extraordinary Life Starts With Getting Your Unconscious Drivers Diffused.

"Personal Development" and "Life Coaching" Have Been Focused On The Wrong Problem since 1910. 

The problem isn't:

  • Your actions.
  • Your mindset and thoughts.
  • Your state and emotions.
  • Your mental "subconscious" programming.
  • Your "Shadow"
  • Your Feminine or Masculine Polarity
  • Your Identity and Purpose (or lack thereof).
  • Your lack of self love
  • Your goals or accountability
  • Your relationship with sex

While beneficial, focusing on these limit your results.

They're not the real problem keeping people from their greatness.

What is the REAL problem?

Every human is driven by Unconscious Drivers.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will run your life and you will call it fate" - Carl Jung

What Are Unconscious Drivers? (UCD'S)

They Hide From Your Awareness.

It's not in People's Conscious Awareness, yet is one of their main filters of their business, themselves and reality itself.

They Trigger Stress and Limitation.

We try not to trigger our unconcious drivers, but when we do it feels like Pressure, Stress, Overwhelm, Unease, Frustration, and Anxiety.

They Drive Your Results.

Uconcious Drivers propel people's behavior, identity, mindset and actions. They "do" people and they don't know it.

Ignoring UCD's Is Kinda Like...

...working hard to grow an acorn resting in a cement crack.
The acorn might sprout, but it will never be a mighty oak.

Dealing with your unconcious drivers is like picking up the acorn and placing it in incredible soil. Then nature does it's thing.

Hi. I'm Jonathan.

I've spent the last 10+ years of my life exploring how entrepreneurs can easily push the world forward at incredible success...without losing themselves, their family, or their fulfillment in the process.

Some call me "their wizard".

I wrote a little book called The Unlimited Self awhile ago.

I co-founded Project Shift and Uprising Adventure with Anthony John Amyx.

And I've coached 100's of 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs in life and business.

But enough about me...


Why Unconcious Drivers Might Be Holding You Back... (And You Don't Even Know It)

It all positionality.

Your unconcious driver makes you play the game of life from a certain position.

It limits your reality. What you see as possible for yourself. What you believe and what you consider.

Said another way: Unconcious drivers keep people in positions that hurt their ability to experience anything outside of that unconcious "truth".

For example: let's pretend someone has an unconscious driver we'll call "I'm not good enough".

Everything they create will be through an affirmation of that position (the believe that it's true) or a resistance to that position (life becomes trying to PROVE they are good enough).

But under it all - the "I'm not good enough" pressure remains. Driving everything they do.

Recognizing and dealing with our unconcious drivers changes your life completely.

Staying in those positions while trying to find happiness, fufillment and consistent drive for your dreams won't work long term.

Diffusing UCD's Unlocks Greatness.

It's a journey of discover unique to each person.
A journey which can't be taught, only experienced.
A journey taking you into the unknown. 
And a journey that may feel like ego death. 

And on the other side of this journey...

The greatest version of you will become your new normal.
You'll be free in ways you can't even imagine.
With quantum leaps in ALL areas of your life.
And the ability to build your dreams in ALL areas with ease. 

But Don't Take My Word For It

" business revenue doubled, then tripled…I started engaging with my son instead of resenting him…I started leading in my marriage- before  Jonathan I was acting like a little boy trying to get my needs met." - Daniel

"Jonathan is one of the top secret “coaches behind the coaches” -- and has a  huge wealth of business knowledge and life wisdom that he knows how to apply to your unique situation." -  Moran

"If someone is struggling to heal past scars, grief or 20 years of therapy" - Meg

"I've never experienced, seen or heard of anything like this...I shifted my entire identity" - Priscilla

"Absolute clarity of purpose and how to source that purpose for myself, without needing anyone outside of myself." -- Sam

"I can't even begin to explain how much shifting has happened for me. Life changing is an Understatement" - Alex

This Will Unshackle You.

When you're creating from the limitation of an unconscious driver you experience a constant inner pressure and stress.

You find yourself:

  • Overthinking.
  • Limited Patience with Your Loved Ones.
  • Feeling like you're not doing enough in your business while also feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

And the worse thing?

The very reason you're building your dreams and freedom doesn't actually give you the internal freedom you thought it would.

When you integrate your unconscious drivers - how you relate to yourself and everything else changes. And life becomes fulfilling, exciting, peaceful, and free.

And you start creating effortlessly.

Not Sure If I Can Get You Results?

That's fair. 

You don't even know me. But here is all I ask.

Share 60 minutes of your time and gain two things in return:

  • I'll help you identify an unconscious driver that is costing you massive financial success and inner fulfillment.
  • We'll create a roadmap to integrate it so you shift everything in your life.

Then you can judge for yourself if unconscious drivers are bullshit...Or truly the KEY to unlock the life and results you want much much faster.

This process is absolutely free.

All you need to do is show up for one of the most powerful conversations of your life.

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4 Ways I Support My Clients.

The Uprising Adventure: An incredible 4 day experience for 12 people at a time that Anthony John Amyx and I run together. Huge mansion. Chef. The most powerful experience of your adult life. CLICK HERE for more.

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Project Shift: The online version of Uprising, this is a 4 part online journey with weekly group coaching support and a private community.

VIP Days: We meet up and deep dive 1 on 1 for 2 days. I generally hold them in beautiful Coeur D'Alene Idaho.

1 on 1: We go on a 6 or 12 month journey with deep dive coaching, in person experiences and more. For those looking for the deepest integration and who are in a very difficult season, or building great things fast.

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